WANGARATTA, Monday-- James Slaven, ganger on the railway at Beechworth Junction, and his father, Jeremiah Slaven, who is a retired ganger, narrowly escaped being run over by a train while riding a tricycle at 8 o'clock last night, Slaven, sen., who resides at Springhurst, was being brought to Wangaratta station to take train for his home, and the tricycle was a few yards from Long-bridge over the creek, midway between Wangaratta, and Beechworth Junction, when a goods train, running two hours late, came behind. The men had just time to leap off the tricycle before the engine struck it, and it was completely smashed. The men rolled down a steep incline on different sides of the line, Slaven, sen., escaped with a small wound on the hand, but James Slaven struck a post at the bottom of the incline, and was badly injured in the head. Assistance was rendered by Rosson stationmaster, who took out a casualty van, with Dr. McCardel. The injured man was removed to the hospital. He is likely to recover.

The Argus (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia), April 7, 1909.