Mrs. Slavens Loses Suit Against Theater.
She Sued for $157.50 Damages - She Alleged Unfairness During Voting Contest.

Webb City-- A jury in the count of Justice T.H. Pratt yesterday afternoon returned a verdict in favor of the Mystic theater and J.D. Wineland in the suit of Mrs. Myrtle Slavens for $157.50 damages.

The suit was filed several weeks ago by Mrs. Slavens, who entered a contest held by the theater owners and a contest manager, who represented a Chicago company. Mrs. Slavens asked damages on the allegation that the contest was not conducted fairly and that other participants in the contest were allowed to barter votes, which was in violation of the contest agreementissued by the theater owners.

The winners in the contest were announced several days ago. Several of the contestants appeared as witnesses for Mrs. Slavens.

The first witness was placed on the stand at 1:00 o'clock yesterday afternoon. The case was finally given the jury at 4:30 o'clock. A verdict in favor of the defendants in the suit was returned shortly afterwards. It is said that the jury stood four to two in favor of the defendant.

Joplin (Missouri) Globe, March 1, 1915.