Highway Robbers Railroaded.

Two men garroted John Boon, of 750 South Sixth street, at Sixth and Bainbridge streets, at 1 o'clock yesterday morning, and stole $3.50 from him. Policeman Victor, of the Seventeenth district, who heard Boon’s cries for help, hunted around and found Edward Slavin. Boon recognized him as one of the robbers. Victor did not arrest him, but told two other policemen to keep an eye on him. Another man named Lynch was stopped by two men, threatened with a blackjack and had his hat stolen. He described his assailants, and a few minutes before 2 o'clock Slavin and John Hennessy were seen by the three policemen, and, their appearance answering the description, were arrested. They were identified at the hearing, before Magistrate Pole, by Boon and Lynch. Hennessy was held for carrying the blackjack, and he and Slavin for highway robbery besides. The case was at once taken before the grand jury.

The Times (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), May 23, 1879.