Five Dollars Reward.

RUN away from the subscriber, on the 11th inst., an apprentice boy named HENRY SLAVEN,learning the cooper's business, about 18 years of age, and about 5 feet 6 or 7 inches high, freckled face, tolerable large greyish eyes, black eyebrows, dark hair, and well made; his foot broad across the toes. His voice is tolerabIy coarse. It may be he has changed his name-- was seen on the Hookstown road yesterday morning. Had on when he went away, blue and white striped seersucker pantaloons, drawed at the bottom, blue and white spotted waistcoat, grey cloth roundabout jacket, fur hat, black grain calfskin shoes, (perhaps another pair with him,) fine cotton shirt marked T.O.-- took with him a pair of coarse linen trowsers dyed ?????? colour, napkin(?) roundabout jacket, cloth waistcoat, a new linen shirt, and a black dog.

Whoever apprehends said apprentice and secures him in any jail, so that the subscriber may get him again, or delivers him to Baltimore, shall receive the above reward.

I forewarn all masters of vessels and others from harboring or employing said boy, at their peril.

Joseph Oldham,
No. 62, South-street.
July 12

Baltimore (Maryland) Patriot and Evening Advertiser, July 19, 1813.