Ora Dooley, a Peddler, Wounded by Saloon-Keeper Thomas Slaven.

About 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon Ora Dooley, a peddler, although at the time very drunk, thought it would take just one more beer to cool him off. He went into Thomas Slaven's saloon, at the corner of Washington and New Jersey streets, and wanted Slaven to "set 'em up." When he was refused the drink he became very boisterous. He applied a vile epithet to Slaven, and began throwing pool balls into the street. Slaven told him to leave the place, or he might get into trouble. He again made use of a very obnoxious epithet, and said: "That's what I came in here for. I'm looking for trouble." Slaven then went to the bar and picked up a 32-caliber revolver, and holding it in his hand, struck Dooley back of the ear with the barrel and knocked him down. He fired two shots, one of them taking effect in back of the right shoulder, the ball ranging to the right and downward into tbe muscles of the arm. Slaven says he bought the revolver from man on Sunday, giving him 50 cents for it, and that he hadn't looked at it since he had it, and didn't know it was loaded. Captain Splann and detective Dougherty arrested him, and placed the charge of assault and battery with intent to kill against him. He was later released on bond. Dooley was arrested upon a charge of assault and battery and malicious trespass.

Indianapolis (Indiana) Journal, July 26, 1892.