Saves Boy from Injury.

Ed Slevin Saturday saved Claus Anderson, Jr., son of the Five Points grocer, from injury or possible death. Mr. Slevin was driving a horse down the Fifteenth street hill shortly before 11 o'clock when the animal took fright and started on a mad run which threatened disaster for young Anderson, who was delivering groceries from a pony cart. It seemed to those who witnessed the affair that no man could turn the run away horse in time to avert a catastrophe, yet the cabman turned the trick. He kept the horse going as straight as possible, but in turning to avoid the Anderson rig, the wheels locked in the street car tracks, and when opposite the Clear laundry building between Sixth and Seventh avenues the rig swerved suddenly. Mr. Slevin was thrown from his seat. He sustained a gash in the back of the head and bruises on his left shoulder and forehead.

Rock Island (Illinois) Argus, December 16, 1907.