Recovers Life Savings.

Woman Who Lost $8500 Has the Money Returned Intact.

New York, May 8-- Mrs. Mary Slavin of Williamsburg, who has been almost crazed for a week because of the loss of her life savings, amounting to $8500, had her missing money restored to her mysteriously today.

An aged man and woman called at Mrs. Slavin's home this afternoon, and they were met at the door by her daughter.

The woman placed an envelope containing the money in the girl's hand and disappeared with the man before the surprised girl realized what had happened or was able to ask their names.

Mrs. Slavin lost her money last week while carrying it in an envelope to deposit it in a bank. It was restored to her in its original envelope and had apparently not been touched by the finders.

Boston (Massachusetts) Daily Globe, May 9, 1905.