Williamsburg City.

Serious Riot-- Several Persons Injured-- A serious riot took place on Sunday evening, in First street, between North Eighth and Tenth-streets. It originated in an old feud between two parties known as the "Cashes" and "Gillians," between the leaders of which a difficulty arose in the early part of the evening. They came together, backed by their friends to the number of a hundred, armed with clubs, stones, and other weapons; and a desperate fight ensured, in which several people were injured, some it is feared fatally. One or more females were struck with missiles, while endeavoring to get their friends away.

James Cash, one of the ringleaders, had his skull cut open with an axe. Not expected to recover.

Patrick Cash was stabbed in the stomach, and received a cut in his breast. Little hopes of recovery.

Patrick Murray and James Slaven were beaten severely, and lie in a dangerous condition. Yesterday seventeen warrants were issued, and the police succeeded in arresting the following persons: Michael Cash, Patrick Smith, Patrick Murray, James and Patrick Clark, Patrick Slaven, Christopher and Benj. Gillen, James Roach, Michael Fagan and Christopher Fox. Their examination is set down for the 28th inst.

New York (New York) Daily Times, December 27, 1853.