New Yorkers Try to Sell Fake for $200 Here
Elaborate Array of Gems Found on Men by Boston Police

Special Officer Thomas N. Tramor of Division 2 last night arrested two men giving their names as Charles Hallahan of New York, and Patrick H. Slaven, of Brooklyn, who were charged with attempting to secure $200 for a "fake" diamond ring in the jewelry office of Joseph Van Dam, 258 Washington st.

When the prisoners were searched they were found to have several hundred dollars worth of stones.

Mr. Van Dam saw three men near his store yesterday afternoon. One, a stout man. entered the store, looked around and then disappeared. Then another man walked in and attempted to sell a "shell" diamond. The clerk showed the ring to the proprietor and he telephoned to Police Headquarters. Special officer Tramor was sent over.

As Tramor enterd he noticed a man standing on watch at the door. Going up to the counter, where the stranger was still in conversation with the clerk, he touched him on the arm and said, "Bring up your friend."

Tramor was in plain clothes and the man did not suspect he was talking with a police officer. He willingly called the other man. Then Trainor seized the watchman and the clerk siezed the man who had been trying to sell the diamond. They were kept prisoners until more officers arrived and took them to Headquarters. The stout man, who first entered the store, escaped.

The men say they came from New York yesterday morning, and it is believed they came for a "cleanup." They had a very elaborate array of precious stones, each one indexed. In the pockets of one of the men was $65.

The fake diamond, which they attempted to sell, was a hollow diamond shell over a worthless stone.

Boston (Massachusetts) Daily Globe, December 22, 1917.

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