Frank Slavin for Sheriff.

In the race for the republican nomination for Sheriff of Marion County the leading candidate is Mr. Frank Slavin, of the 11th ward. A plain blunt citizen of irreproachable character and reputation, he is endowed by nature with those winning qualities that draw men to him. Born in Evansville, Ind., 52 years ago, his family moved to Indianapolis when he was six years old and here he has since resided on the southside. As a boy he like other selfmade men came up from the corners of life selling newspapers, blacking boots upon the streets. Then as a bell boy at the old Mason House, Bates House and Grand Hotel, he showed determination to work and win, which still characterizes him today. After several years service as a cigar boy at the old Union Depot, he went to railroading on the Belt and from this he was transferred to the baggage department.

Sixteen years ago he went into business for himself, establishing Frank's restaurant across the street from the depot. In this he had his success because he knew how to work and how to please people-- two essentials in any public enterprise. Mr. Slevin was always a large employer of colored labor, and they to a man speak in the highest terms of his gentlemanly and business qualities. In Frank's restaurant there was never a color line drawn and he was alone. Mr. Slevin is endorsed by the traveling men and the Meridian street merchants and in the country districts he leads all the other candidates in popular favor. He has never held public office, but has always worked hard for republican success. Mr. Slevin and his estimable wife live at 818 Fletcher ave., and their southside friends are legion. That he will be nominated is a foregone conclusion.

Indianapolis (Indiana) Recorder, May 21, 1910.