Shooting Affair Causes Excitement in Meadville.

Meadville, Pa., March 24.-- At 6 o'clock last evening, in George Keper's saloon, Bruce Slaven and Robert Bradley were refused drinks and ordered to leave the premises, whereupon Slaven attempted to asault Kepler and was knocked down by C. Lowell.

Twenty minutes later Slaven and Bradley, who had left the saloon after the quarrel, returned, Slaven flourishing a revolver and looking for Lowell. He pointed the weapon at A. Campfield, one of the bystanders, and was about to shoot when another bystander shouted, "That's not the man." Seeing that Lowell had left the saloon, Slaven and Bradly started out in search of him, vowing veneance. A number of citizens started after the two men, and a hot chase ensued, Slaven, as he fled, fired a number of shots, which fortunately hit no one. The two fugitives suceeded in getting away through the Erie freight yards and over the Valonia bridge into the country, where they made good their escape. Warants were subsequently sworn out and a posse, headed by the officers of the law, are now in pursuit.

Slaven and Bradley are tough characters, Slaven has done time for robbery. The affair created considerable excitement while it lasted and the men may be roughly handled if they do not surrender peacefully when overtaken.

Warren (Pennsylvania) Evening Democrat, March 24, 1900.

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