Postmaster at Monterey Lost His Self-Control.
Enraged Husband Couldn’t Stand Vile Remark Quoted by Witness Regarding Wife.
Gun Play Followed.

Monterey, Va., December 21-- Charles Diggs, a colored barber of Monterey, ran amuck while tanked up with liquor Sunday evening, and, as an aftermath, came near being shot by Postmaster H. M. Slaven, at the magistrate's court today. Diggs is a mulatto and vicious when under the influence of drink. Sunday evening, during preaching service at the Methodist church, Diggs came to the post-office, after having previously been asked to leave, and was again ordered out. Mr. Slaven, the postmaster, who is a cripple and uses a wheelchair, rolled his chair toward the open door and pushed the drunken fellow out, whereupon he secured a rock, came back to the door, and made use of vile and abusive language and threats. The postmaster, being unarmed and unable to walk at all, could do little to defend himself, though he did throw a heavy canceling stamp at the negro. Before an officer could be secured, Diggs nearly exhausted himself in abusing Mr. Slaven. At the trial today before Justice Wilson, Dlggs pleaded guilty to being drunk, but claimed to know nothing of his conduct. Mr. Slaven had testified, becoming terribly agitated when be referred to the language. While Mr. Edward Beveridge was being examined, and when he repeated the vile remark relative to Mrs. Slaven, the enraged husband, who, in his wheelchair, sitting near the prisoner, with a burst of emotion, drew a pistol from his pocket and fired at the negro as be dodged behind a table and bounded for the open door. The ball struck the table and glanced off, cutting a suspender from the trousers of a bystander, who however, was unhurt.

Dlggs was brought back, and after a short time the trial was concluded. His fines and costs amounted to $61, with ten days in jail and a peace bond of $200.

Mr. Slaven paid a fine for carrying concealed weapon, and will await the action of the grand jury in the other case.

Harrisonburg (Virginia) Daily News, December 22, 1906.