Sinking of a Canal Boat and Drowning of one of the Crew.

Yesterday morning, as the tug Niagra was steaming down the Delaware, have twenty-four canal boats in tow, when nearly opposite Callowhill street, the hand boat came in collision with a schooner, which knocked a hole in the canal boat, which, being loaded with sand, sank in a few minutes. The captain, Patrick Horan, and a hand, Patrick Slaven, were in the cabin. The former succeeded in getting out and floating off upon a piece of timber and was saved, the other was carried down and drowned. The boat, it was said, belonged to Horan, who is a resident, as was Slaven, of this city. Besides the loss of the boat, Horan lost a check for $110. Slaven's body was not recovered.

Public Ledger (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), September 25, 1860.