George W. Doolin, a prominent farmer of Steele township, Daviess county, has filed suit for damages in the Circuit Court against his sister-in-law, Elizabeth Slavin, wife of another prominent citizen, alleging that he has been slandered by Mrs. Slavin saying, in the presence of several of their neighbors, that be stole a hog.

Indianapolis (Indiana) News, September 8, 1885.

Geo. W. Doolin, Washington, says he's no hog thief, and asks $5,000 of his sister-in-law, Mrs. Slavin, for the privilege of calling him one.

The Argos (Indiana) Reflector, September 17, 1885.

In the slander suit of George W. Doolin against his wife's sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Slavin, prominent people of Plainville, Daviess county, the jury returned a verdict of $37 for the plaintiff.

The Indianapolis (Indiana) News, October 16, 1885.