The Most Popular Hotel In South Omaha.

The popular Slaven House, on Tenth street, next door north of Paxton & Gallagher's , is still a leading hostelry and has a heavy patronage, which attests its popularity.

The genial landlord, Mr. Felix Slaven, superintends the whole business himself and has at all times a house full of people. He has put everything in good shape for state fair week and will make it pleasant for all who stop with him. His house is kept neat and clean and there is no landlord in thia city who know better how to treat his guests than Mr. Slaven.

Visitors to the fair will find him always obliging and ready to accomodate them in royal style. No word is ever heard in complaint of the hospitality of the Slaven house.

Omaha (Nebraska) Daily Bee, September 4, 1882.