This Slavin Won.

London, June 2-- John Slavin, brother of Frank Slavin, who was defeated by Peter Jackson on Monday night, had a boxing contest with "Con" Riordan, an American boxer, tonight, and bested him. The match was for a purse of 250 pounds, Queensberry rules, and was held at the Ormonde Club. The agreement was to box twenty rounds with four-ounce gloves. Slavin defeated Riordan in nineteen rounds.

Riordan weighed 141 pounds and Slavin 143. The betting favored Slavin, but there was never more than 11 to 8 laid on his chances. In the first few rounds the fighting was of a scrambling character. Riodan was the harder hitter, but he was in bad condition and soon got into difficulties. Slavin was very slow. It was not until the eleventh round that the battle really took a decisive turn. Slavin greatly improved, hitting straighter and harder than his rival, who dropped to the boards to escape punsihment, and finally gave up in the nineteenth round.

The Ormonde Club was crowded, though it was a less aristocratic crowd than that which witnessed the fight between Frank Slavin and Peter Jackson on Monday.

New York (New York) Times, June 3, 1892.