Vicious Attack Made in Boston Store.
Proprietor, Wife and Son Are Victims of Assailant.
Latter Escapes and Is Not Yet Captured

An unknown woman stabbed three persons in the dry goods store at 384 Hanover st. last evening, and made her escape, leaving no trace of her identity. Her victims were taken to the Relief Hospital, suffering from painful though not serious wounds. Up to a late hour the police had not be able to locate the assailant.

The victims were Samuel Slavin, 46, his wife Mary, 42, and their son Benjamin, 21. The husband suffers from wounds of the cheeks and left chest; the wife from a wound in the left breast, and the son from a wound in the chest.

The woman entered the store conducted by the Slavins just before 9 last evening, and Mrs. Slavin waited on her.

A dispute arose and the woman suddenly drew a knife and stabbed Mrs. Slavin. The latter screamed and her husband ran to her assistance. The woman at once turned on him, and stabbed him twice. Then the son attempted to aid his parents, only to be met by the ever-ready assailant.

The woman then rushed from the store, hiding her knife in the folds of her skirt as she ran.

Boston (Massachusetts) Globe, June 15, 1916.

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