Details of Hanover St. Case Held Secret

In connection with the stabbing of Samuel and Mary Slavin and their son Benjamin in the drygoods store at 384 Hanover st., Wednesday night, the police of the Hanover st. Station made three arrests last night. The prisoners were: Marianna Trionna, 29 years old, Lucia Montiforti, 28 years old, and her hus band, Fillipo, 30 years old.

The police charge all three prisoners with assault and battery on the Slavins. They were loath to give any details, however, stating that they wished to withhold the exact circumstances until they appear in evidence today, when the prisoners will be arraigned in the Municipal Court. According to the story given out by the police Wednesday night, the stabbing was done by one woman.

Boston (Massachusetts) Globe, June 16, 1916.

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