JOHN SLAVENS, JR., employed by his uncle, John Slavens, at Peach Orchard, near Bloom Furnace, in Lawrence county, was stabbd to the heart last Monday. From what we can learn it seems that the young man had some difficulty with his unele in regard to the wage due him, and they parted leaving the matter unsettled. James Slavens, brother of the young man, repaired to the house of his uncle declaring that the matter must be fixed up. While James was talking his brother came in and tried to create a better feeling, as high words were passing between the two, when the uncle attacked him, stabbing him to the heart, and causing instantaneous death. The elder Slavens was arrested and brought to our county seat, until the arrival of officers from Ironton, who took him to Lawrence county to put him on trial for his crime.

Portsmouth (Ohio) Times, July 6, 1872.