Two Wisconsin Men Confess to Starting Fires. One Sentenced to Prison, Second Faces Court Today. Racine, Wis.-- Two mysterious fires, one at Burlington and the other at Darien, were solved Thursday with the arrest of two men by William Greenwald, deputy state fire marshal.

Signed confessions were obtained, solving both the fires, Greenwald said.

Father sentenced.

George Slavin, 44, the father of five children, was sentenced to from one to three years at Waupun by Judge Roscoe Luce at Darien on Wednesday in connection with a fire in the two-story building he occupied

Greenwald said Slavin confessed going into the basement of the building early Tuesday, pouring a gallon of kerosene over some excelsior, and setting it ablaze, while his wife and children slept on the second floor. Slavin then returned to his apartment where he waited for someone to discover the fire before he awoke his wife and children.

Slavin set the fire for a revenge against John R. Stoll, owner of the building, because he had been ordered out by July 1, the marshal said.

Confession Obtained.

After Slavin's conviction, Greenwald went to Burlington to investigate the fire which destroyed a summer cottage owned by Warren Fell, 28, a factory worker.

A confession was obtained by Greenwald and District Attorney Oscar Edwards late Thursday and Fell is being held in the county jail. Winona (Minnesota) Republican, June 17, 1938