Stiff Penalty For Eldred Men.

Judge J.W. Bolton, of McKean county, set a severe precedent last week in dealing with the cases of Dan Bernard and Joe Slavin, Eldred pool room proprietors, who were recently arrested by State troopers, charged with operating punch boards and slot machines in their places of business. Both men were sentenced to pay fines of $100 each and to undergo imprisonment in the county jail for six months.

Messrs Bernard and Slavin both pleaded guilty to the charges against them and the court, after a sharp lecture denouncing the practice of operating gambling devices, expressed his determination of setting a forceful example to end such practices. The sentences, which set a record for treatment of such offenses, came as a complete surprise.

Both Eldred men are well known throughout the county and have many friends, particularly Mr. Bernard who is a well known baseball umpire. Mr. Bernard has a wife and eight children.

Wellsboro (Pennsylvania) Gazette, Jaunary 18, 1923.