STOLEN from the bedroom of Michael Stewart and F. P. Slavin, Mooney's Royal Hotel, Esplanade, St. Kilda, on the 13th instant, 2 pairs of men's lace-up boots of ordinary description, 2 tweed sac-coats, one blue check, the other dark check; 2 vests to match the coats; a silver bunting geneva watch, a double gold albert, curb pattern; and a gold locket, with "J. Barnett" scratched on it-- the property of Stewart; a pair of light tweed trousers, with about 15s. in silver; a bunch of five keys, pair of red striped braces, and a pair of patent leather lace-up sewn boots-- the property of Slavin,

Victoria (Australia) Polie Gazette, January 15, 1889.