Stolen Rents.

Deputy Sheriff Plunkett has received an attachment against William H. Mackey, whose disappearance was reported a month ago, for $16,807 in favor of Ellen A. Slaven for rents, which, it is alleged, he collected from tenants of an apartment house at Eighty-second Street and Columbus Avenue, owned by Mrs. Slaven, and which he retained. Mr. Mackey was several years confidential clerk and agent for Henry B. Slaven, husband of the plaintiff, and filled various offices in corporations controlled by Mr. Slaven, one of them being the Chase Granite Company, of which Mr. Mackey was Vice President. Mr. Slaven, it was stated, discovered a discrepancy in the bankbook on Feb. 24, and two days later Mr. Mackey disappeared, and has not been heard of since.

New York (New York) Times, April 12, 1904.