St. Helens.

A Disgraceful Row - Street Fight Among Drunken Men - One of Them Stabbed.

St. Helens, Feb. 4, 1872. - Last evening a disgraceful affair occurred on the streets of our usually quiet burg. It is the first of the kind here, and we hope the last. John Gunn, D. B. Goble, Amos and William Slavin, (brothers), who, it is said, were created in the image of Deity, but since witnessing the scene of last evening, we are strongly inclined to doubt the doctrine and believe it was "in the likeness of the other chap," having partaken of too much hellfire in that "sink of perdition" where it is dealt out in quantities to suit at one bit a glass. The sink being too small for specimens of their caliber, they retired to the street where they consumed about one-half hour in going through the usual preliminaries to a drunken row. Nothing being left undone, Amos Slavin and Goble clinched in regular style. In the scuffle Goble managed to insert a knife twice into Slaven'a back below the shoulder blade. Slaven having received the worst of it, Goble was declared the victor, and they went on their ways rejoicing. It was not ascertained until some time after that Slaven was badly hurt. He suffered very much and bled profusely. There being no surgeon present we did not learn how serious the injury might be. He received all the care possible. Goble was taken into custody by Deputy Sheriff Pomeroy where we hope he will have ample time to enjoy his hard-earned laurels.

We wish the friends of temperance, morality and good order, who signed tho petition to license this sink of perdition to deal out hell fire to their friends, will come promptly forward and view the legitimate results of their own act; for had they not signed that petition this digrace had not been brought upon us. You, the wife, children, and friends of the victim, send up your quota of prayers to a just Heaven for its curse upon the traffic in ardent spirits and those who defend it; and rest assured that Heaven is just, and that your prayers will be answered.

LATER.--At a late hour last night Dr. Henderson arrived, and was called in to see tha wounded man. After a partial examination he says the cuts are not dangerous, and that the pain arises from internal injuries received in the melee. Today he will make a further investigation of the case. We understand that Goble was placed under $1,000 bonds for his appearance.

Daily Oregonian (Portland, Oregon), February 6, 1872.

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