Killed by Lightning.

Philadelphia, Aug. 4-- This morning. during the short-lived storm, a bolt of lightning instantly killed Edwin Slavin while working in the House of Corrections quarry. Slavin was about 40 years of age and was committed to the institution on July 2, on the ground of drunkenness. He went out with the hundred and odd men who quarry on the corrections grounds, and did not run for shelter when the storm first broke. In a few moments there was a vivid flash, and throwing up his arms and giving a cry, he fell forward. His companions ran to him at once, but he was found dead with a blue streak running down his body from his forehead. Slavin was by occupation a rag dealer.

Delaware County Daily Times (Chester, Pennsylvania), August 5, 1884.

Edward Slavin's Death by Lightning.

The Coroner inquired yesterday into the circumstances attending the death of Edward Slavin, of 831 Bainbridge street, who was struck by lightning in the stone quarry of the House of Correction on Monday. Guard Hirst sald that Slavin, who was carrying water for the quarrymen, started to run to a place of shelter during a violent rain squall. Just then there came a blinding flash of lightning that seemed to enter the ground. Slavin fell and never moved. The electric current had struck his head and passed down the right side of the body, tearing off the sole of his right shoe. His face was much discolored and a blue streak marked the path of the current. Guard Montgomery noticed the flash that struck Slavin. Slavin was thirty years of age, rag-sorter by occupation and was committed to the House of Correction for drunkenness on July 2. The Jury rendered a verdict of death by lightning. p>

The Times (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), August 6, 1884.