Monday night last, fire was discovered in the "Break-of-Day" house on Bannister's Wharf, the ownership of which has caused a deal of quarrelling between John O'Connell and his son-in-law William Slavin. The first alarm was given about 2 o'clock and without much trouble the fire was extinguished and all became quiet in the neighborhood, so that Mr. O'Connell, who was the sole occupant of the house, went to bed and asleep. About 4 o'clock parties on the wharf discovered the flames issuing through the roof and gave the alarm, but this time a man was seen to leave the premises, and the opinion is general that the house was set on fire both times, as shavings and chips were found under the eaves near the fire. The firemen rallied quickly and confined the flames to the premises. We learn that after several unsuccessful efforts to effect insurance on the house by Agents in this city, Mr. O'Connell went to Providence and succeeded in getting $1000 insurance at the State Mutual.

Newport (Rhode Island) Mercury, March 29, 1862.