Business Man Gives $1,090 to 'Heir' to a Big Fortune Whom He Met on the Street.

BERLIN, July 8.-- John Slevin, a business man of Ridgewood, N.Y., has been victimized by a band of swindlers operating for a long time in various parts of Europe.

The American, who arrived here a few days ago, accidently made the acquaintance of a young Irishman who was an agreeable guide and companion.

While strolling on the streets the two men met a dignified elderly gentleman, who dropped a pocket book. Mr. Slevinís young friend picked up the wallet and returning it to the owner, who explained that the pocket book contained a charm blessed by the Pope.

Over a bottle of wine the stranger related that he had inherited a great fortune, but had been compelled to give $50,000 to the poor of his native town and an equal sum to the Pope. The story ended with a request for a temporary loan. Mr. Slevin cashed travelerís checks amounting to $1,090 and turned over the money to the alleged heir, who promptly disappeared with his accomplice.

The victim realized only yesterday that he had been swindled and appealed to the police.

One of the swindlers has been identified from the Rogues' Gallery as James Bradley, an Irish confidence man, but neither he nor his confederate has been caught.

Mr. Slevin could not be located in the Ridgewood section of Brooklyn.

New York (New York) Times, July 9, 1927.