Two Saloons Surrended.

In resuming the history of the womens' temperance reform in Elyria, we will say in the outset that the streets are full of the most extravagent reports of what this and that man said, and is doing or is going to do. Most of these stories would be interesting if true, but they are merely sensational, and if traced out, vanish in thin air. We aim to give only the facts and results, so far as they come to our knowledge.

On Monday of last week, nine saloons were visited. The reception was almsot uniformly courteous and kind, although no concessions were made to the appeals of the ladies...

Thursday: Mr. Slaven was very kind to those calling on him, and would like to be bought out. He is too much in debt to feel ready to close his saloon...

Elyria (New York) Democrat, March 25, 1874.