ON the 28th of last month, the following men carried off goods to a considerable value from John Macilvaine, of Earl-township, Lancaster county, viz. John McFall, about 25 years of age, has a down-look, has a remarkable scar in his forehead, is about 5 feet and a half high, and is an Irishman: Had on a blue coat and jacket, the jacket double breasted, and an old brownish colour’d great coat, with brass buttons, leather breeches, broke on the knees; he rode a black horse, blind of an eye, has a switch tail, and is a pacer. And James Sleven, also an Irishman, about 23 years of age, has a down look, is much pock pitted, and speaks thick: Had on a bearskin surtout coat, with flat metal buttons, a blue cloth coat and jacket, the jacket double breasted, leather breeches, the button holes of which come almost over his knees; he rode a red roan horse, with a star in his forehead, paces well, his saddle had a buckskin seat, and blue housings. Each had a wallet behind him. Whoever takes up and secures said men, so as they may be had again, shall have Eight Pounds reward for both, or Four Pounds for each, paid by John Macilvaine.

N. B. All masters of vessels are forbid to carry them off at their peril.

The Pennsylvania Gazette (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), December 11, 1750.