Both Men Fatally Wounded.

Fight to the Death in an Indianapolis Saloon.

Indianapolis, Ind., October 31.-- J.A. McAfee and Thomas Slaven engaged in a fight last night in the latter's saloon, and both were fatally wounded. Bad blood had existed between the men for some time, and McAfee went into the saloon, for the purpose, it is claimed, of provoking a quarrel. As soon as he entered Slaven drew his revolver and opened fire. McAfee returned to the street, where he was followed by the irate saloon keeper. Several shots were exchanged and Slaven was chased back into the saloon, where shots were exchanged until both men dropped to the floor mortally wounded. Slaven was shot through the lungs and the left ear, and McAfee was shot through the waist. Neither man can long survive.

Brooklyn (New York) Eagle, October 31, 1882.