A Clever Till Thief.

Patrick Slaven, "known thief" passed the bar of Edinburgh Police Court yesterday on a charge of stealing £120, principally is notes, cheques, and postal orders, for the shop till of Andrew Aikman, corn merchant, Queensferry Street. Slaven was arrested a short time after the theft had been reported to the police, and did not deny the charge. Upwards of £7 was found on him, and the police have hopes of recovering the remainder, although the accused stated that he had destroyed all the paper except that in his possession. According to his story he entered the shop while the attendant was sitting at the fire in a back room reading and succeeded in purloining the contents of the till without attracting attention. He was aware, he said, of the merchant's banking day, and indeed, boasted that there were few business places in the city of which he did not know as much. The police yesterday afternoon arrested a named John Hay, who will be remitted from the City Police Court today charged with complicity in the theft.

Glasgow (Scotland) Herald, February 4, 1897.