Surgery.-- We understand that Dr. H.J. RICE, of this place, performed the operation of Tracheotomy upon a child in the northern part of Putnam county, a few days since, in the presence and with the assistance of his partner, Doctor Allen, and Dr. Slavens, of Portland Mills. The operation is spoken of as very skilfully performed, so much so that in laying open the wind-pipe and extracing from it the foreign substance, not more than a tablespoonful of blood was lost. The subject of this operation was a child about three years old. It had been eating a slice of water-melon and accidentally sucked into its wind-pipe one of the seeds and a small portion ot the melon. The child is now said to be well.—Parke County Whig.

Danville (Indiana) Weekly Advertiser, October 19, 1850.