A Great Turkey Hunt.

The Highland Recorder publishes the following:

"The time at which the law protects wild turkeys had barely closed when two of our sports, viz: W.A. Slaven and E.M. Slaven, prepared for a hunt. On last Friday they took themselves to Sounding Knob and on reaching the summit Ernest espied two very large turkeys and in a short time killed them both. The hunters then met at a mountain field on W.W. Benson's place and routed a drove of turkeys, a dozen young ones and an old hen. Ernest again brought his skill into play on the old hen and brought her down. After this, as the young ones had no leader, they had a picnic. They secreted themsleves behind a log and called the young turkeys up as fast as they could shoot them conveniently until the killed numbered eight, Ashby killing four and Ernest four. Ashby says they could have killed more, but did not care for a bigger load than they could carry."

The Rockingham Register (Harrisonburg, Virginia), October 13, 1893.