Robber Suspect Twice Captured

Oaklander Arrested, Breaks Away, Nabbed Later With Jewelry

Twice captured by police last night, Fred Slavens, 45, 1724 San Pablo Avenue, Oakland, was in the city prison today for investigation of burglary charges.

Slavens was arrested first shortly after midnight by Lieutenant of Inspectors James Goodnight, who heard glass breaking as he returned from eating and saw Slavens emerging from the shattered window of a jewelry store at 1300 Washington street.

Goodnight drew his gun and placed the man under arrest. At 14th and Washington Streets, as Goodnight was taking Slavens to jail, the man broke from his grasp and started to run. Goodnight hit him with the butt of his revolver, but dropped the gun in the struggle.

Slavens started running again, and outdistanced the officer. He was rearrested a short time later at 16th and Jefferson Streets. Eighteen rings and 15 watches were found in his possession.

Oakland (California) Tribune, July 14, 1938.

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