Several Persons Wounded and One May Be Fatally Injured.

There were two stabbing affrays last night on Lombard street, between Second and Fifth streets, in which pretty much all who were engaged were wounded, most of them slightly, although one received an injury that may result fatally. The participants who are not in the hospital occupy cells in the Fourth and Union streets station house.

Charles Slevin, whose home is at 228 Stamper street, claims that as he and James Mullen were holding a conversation at Second and Lombard streets, James Black and Thomas Leonard walked up and started to quarrel with them. During the progress of the quarrel, Leonard, it is claimed, stabbed Slevin in the shoulder and Black in the leg. Black, to get even, turned upon Mullen, and, it is alleged, ran a knife into his leg. Leonard is under arrest, and the others are at the Pennsylvania Hospital.

During an altercation at Fifth and Lombard streets, about 11 o'clock, Hugh Roney, of California, it is alleged, stabbed John Butler in the thigh and then plunged his knife into the stomach of Frank Hettle, of 440 Lombard street. Nettle's wound may prove fatal. He is at the Pennsylvania Hospital, as is also Butler. Roney has been locked up.

Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) Inquirer, June 18, 1897.