County of Donegal.

The subject of a Legislative Union between Great Britain and Ireland having undergone a full and extensive consideration, it is to be presumed that few Men are at this day undecided in their Opinions on the momentous object. We, whose Names are undersigned, take this method of conveying to the Public our sentiments on that most important Question...

The principle of a Legislative Union between this Kingdom and Great Britain, founded on Equality of Trade, Equality of Protection, Equality of Constitutional Rights and Privileges, and Equality of Taxation, according to the respective wealth and resources of both kingdoms, meets with our decided approbation...

(The above Declaration has been signed by following Noblemen and Gentlemen, with about three Thousand others whose Names we will insert when we make room.)

Parish of Inver.

Laurence Slavin.
Michael Slavin.

Dublin (Ireland) Journal, December 14, 1799.