County Donegal.

(From Our Correspondent.) Lifford, Tuesday.
(Before Judge Keogh.)
The Queen v. James M'Manus, Patrick Slevin, Michael M'Intyre, and James Galagher.
Unlawful Assembly.

The prisoners were indicted that they, on the 18th September last, in Ballyshannon, unlawfully assembled together and made a great noise contrary to the peace and statute, whereby the public peace was greatly endangered. They pleaded not guilty, and were defended by Messrs. Major, Q.C., and R. Johnston, prosecuted.

It was in evidence that on the day in question the prisoners, along with a large crowd of persons, marched through the streets of Ballyshannon, the prisoners marching in front.

The learned gentlemen for the defence addressed the jury on behalf of their clients in able and eloquent terms.

Mr. Johnston replied on behalf of the Crown.

The prisoners were found guilty, and sentenced to six months' imprisonment with hard labour.

Irish Times (Dublin, Ireland), March 8, 1866.