The Fenian Prisoners in Canada-- A Visit to Them.

(From the Rochester (N. Y.) Union)
Col. Lynch and John Quinn, two of the Fenians in the Toronto jail, condemned to death, send us the account of a visit to their quarters made by Mr. Thurston, the United States Consul, and one of the editors of the Toronto Telegraph, as published by the latter, with a view of having it laid before the public. The source of its origin and the fact that it is endorsed by two of the prisoners are evidence of its impartial character. The writer describes the exterior of the quarters, the presence of the military guards and the general uninviting and gloomy aspect of all the surroundings common to an old prison-house, and finally reaches the governor's room.

Having in the politest manner refused to look over a number of magazines and newspapers which the Consul had brought for the perusal of the prisoners, he demanded of Mr. Thurston whom he desired to see first. On being answered Lynch and McMahon, he took a ponderous bunch of keys from on the table and led the way to their cells.

Turning to your left a few paces you come to a large iron door, in the upper part or which is a small hole about six inches square, traversed with small iron bars through which the light of day is perceptible, shining through a small window at the extremity of a passage which the door leads into. The portal being unlocked you enter and at the extremity of the corridor, which is about 70 feet in length, you perceive the figures of three men. Two of them appear to be seated at a table next to the small window which is shown in the distance. The two seated men were Col. J. Bloss Lynch and the Rev. J. McMahon, and the person standing was the deaf man, Slevin, who, with the other two, are at present under sentence of death.

On perceiving that someone had entered, Lynch and McMahon came forward and expressed great pleasure at seeing the Consul. Slevin also appeared grateful for the visit. Col. Lynch looks far better than he did when on his trial...

San Francisco (California) Bulletin January 25, 1867.