Growing Belief That Miss Belle Slavens Was Murdered.

WICHITA, Kan., June 26-- The belief that Miss Belle Slavens who was found dead in the offices of the National Bank of Commerce was murdered is growing. The theory first advanced-- suicide-- is being rapidly dispelled by the thorough investigation now under way. Police and detectives are confident they can establish this fact, and are proceeding on these lines. Coroner McLaughlin, who held the inquest, is of the same opinion.

Miss Slavens was a young lady of the best reputation. She was not good looking. She was a quiet genius. She had very few associates, but a great many friends. She had purchased a nice home and had money in a private drawer in the bank with which she was employed as a stenographer. Her uncle was mayor of Portland, Ore., a member of the board of education for thirty-two years, and the man who built the penitentiary of that state.

Emporia (Kansas) Gazette, June 26, 1899.