Charity Misapplied.

A man named Daniel Slaven, a miner, residing here, who has for some time been unable to work from an attack of asthma, and having a family dependent upon him for support, a few charitably disposed individuals, having in view the welfare of himself and his family, subscribed a sum of money for the purpose of purchasing a donkey and cart, in order that he might, by hawking goods, obtain a livelihood. The first day he was out with his donkey and cart, he stole a barrow belonging to the road trustees, for which offense, he was apprehended on Saturday, and lodged in Dunfermline prison.

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Sheriff Criminal Court.

At a sheriff criminal court yesterday, Daniel Slaven, traveling hawker, Newmilns, was accused of the theft of a wheelbarrow, belonging to the Road Trustees, from a field on the farm of Pitbauchlie. On being asked if he pled guilty, the prisoner said, "I am guilty of having the barrow, but I do not know how I got it; I was a little the worse of drink when I fell in with the barrow."

The Sheriff: "Well, do you plead guilty?"

Prisoner: "I am guilty of having the barrow, but I do not know how I got it."

He aterwards pled guilty, and was sentenced to 30 days' imprisonment.

Dunfermline (Fife, Scotland) Press, April 30, 1862.