The Theory That Miss Slavin Committed Suicide Is Losing Ground.

Wichita, Kas. June 25.--When the body of Miss Belle Slavin was found at 2 o'clock last Thursday morning in the office of the National Bank of Commerce, death having resulted from a bullet wound in the head, it was supposed that she had committed suicide. Later developments seem to indicate that the young woman was murdered. Miss Slavin, who was the bank's stenographer, was permitted to take in outside work, and was frequently employed in the office at the bank until 10 o'clock at night.

Mr. Jones, president of the bank, states that on Wednesday afternoon a strange man came to the bank and asked to have some work done. Miss Slavin told him to bring it around after 6 o'clock. Mr. Jones says he observed the stranger surveying the interior of the bank very critically.

While waiting for the stranger to keep his appointment, Miss Slavin evidently busied herself by writing letters to friends, for when her body was found three sealed letters were found, all written in a pleasant vein, and there was nothing to indicate self-destruction. When Miss Slavin's father, the president of the bank and another citizen went to the bank in search of her at 2 o'clock in the morning, they found the bank door unlocked, papers scattered around the floor, and Miss Slavin's keys were missing. The revolver found by the young woman's side was not her own. The theory of the police is that the murderer expected to secure valuables or money.

Atlanta (Georgia) Constitution, June 26, 1899.

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