The Franciscan Abbey, Castledermot.

Opposite to page 374, vol i., of the Journal, is an illustration of the great window of the Lady Chapel as it used to be, below which it is stated that it was maliciously destroyed in 1799; this is a mistake, as an old man named Mick Slavin, a tailor still living in Castledermot, remembers its being pulled down by a man named Billy Grimes some fifty years ago. Billy Grimes had a grazing at the abbey, and said his cattle were in danger from the unsafe condition of the window, to the upper portion of which he fastened a rope, and so pulled this fine window to the ground, an act which caused great indignation in the town at the time. Mick Slavin remembers seeing glass in some of the tracery of the window.

Journal of the County Kildare Archaeological Society and Surrounding Districts, vol. II, 1896-1899.
County Kildare Archaeological Society. Edward Ponsonby, Dublin, 1899.