Alleged Murder by a Young Lady.

An inquest was held at Armagh yesterday on the remains of a child named Ann Slaven, aged nearly four years, who is alleged to have been drowned by Miss Bellina Prior in a range boiler in the kitchen of her mother's house, Vicar's Hill, Armagh. The jury haing assembled in the Tontine proceeded, to Mrs. Prior's house. Here the body was viewed, and evidence was taken of Miss Adela Prior, who was too unwell to leave the house. The jury afterwards returned to the Tontine, and having heard the evidence, returned a verdict of of willful murder against Miss Bellina Prior. The affair has created a great excitement in the district on account of the position of the prisoner, who is in custody. A number of friends visited her in jail yesterday.

Glasgow (Scotland) Herald, March 29, 1888.