For a Trifling Act Two Boys Lynch a Third One.

Lexington, Ky., March 19-- John Parrott, who lives at Forest Hill, found his son dangling by a rope from the limb of a tree. Bloos was gushing from the boy's nostrils and ears and he was unconcious. The father cut the rope and by restoratives restored his son.

The boy said that two compainions, one of whom was Dan Slavin, became enraged at him for some trifling act, and seizing him, procured a rope, and after fastening a noose from it, placed it around his neck. They then threw the rope over a tree and hanged him in a real lynching style. The rope was tied to the trunk of the tree and the boy left hanging. Mr. Parrott procured warrents for the arrest of the boys.

The Muskogee (Indian Territory/Oklahoma) Phoenix, March 22, 1894.