Henry Bartholomew Slaven died on Friday at his home, No. 119 West Seventy-second st., at the age of fifty-one years. Born in Plcton, Ontario, Canada, he was educated in the public schools there and afterward took a course in the Pennsylvania Medical College.

He went on the original Survey of the Canadian Pacific Railroad to Manitoba, and then went to San Francisco, where he opened a drug store under the Palace Hotel. While in the drug business he met De Lesseps and took a contract to build the Atlantic section of the Panama Canal as far as Culebra. He then came to New York to organize the American Contracting and Dredging Company to build the Panama Canal. The officers were Henry B. Slaven, president; Eugene Kelly, treasurer; James J. Phelan, secretary; and M. A. Slaven, general manager.

From that time till the parent French company failed he was on the Isthmus of Panama or in France, directing the work at Panama. Since the failure of the French Canal Company he had not been in active business. At his death he was president at the Chase Granite Company, with offices in Blue Hill, Me., and at No. 11 Broadway. Mr.Slaven leaves a widow and a daughter.

New York (New York) Tribune, December 4, 1904.