SLAVEN--Last week we barely had space to mention the death of John Slaven, the hermit residing between this and Platte Center. His neighbors, not seeing any smoke issuing from his chimney for some days, thought it best to see what was the matter. The verdict of coroner Heintz's jury (Steve Waggoner, H. Fobes, E.L. Ives and Chas. Waggoner), was that he died a natural death while asleep. It is supposed he had been dead several days. His old horse was very thirsty and had eat [sic] everything within reach. Slavin was about fifty years old, lived by himself, hoarded the grain and hay that he had raised on his eighty acres for the past seven years, and much of it was spoiled, not being sheltered. His conduct was out of the ordinary, and may it not be hoped that his spirit has found in the Beyond, a harmony that it did not have here?

Columbus Journal, March 4, 1891.