SuicIde by the Rope.

As Mr. Chas. Fraley was coming along the road in a wagon three miles and a half southeast of Linden on Monday forenoon when opposite the Oakland school house he observed a team hitched to the fence with no owner apparently in sight. Getting up erect in his wagon and looking directly toward the school house he noticed a man suspended by a rope from a tree within eight feet of the building--dead. His body was warm and the deed had probably not been committed over a half hour before. Upon inquiry it was soon ascertained that the body was that of James I. Slavins, a farmer living one mile east of Linden. His age was about 65 years. He had frequently exhibited fits of melanholy, and probably had in his mental wanderings considered that it was best for him to go hence. A coroner's inquest was held on Monday afternoon, the verdict of which was death at his own hands. He was buried on Tuesday.

Crawfordsville (Indiana) Review, June 1, 1889.

Another Suicide.

Isiah Slavins, of Madison township, Leaves by the Hemp Rope.

This morning Isaiah Slavins, who lived on a farm two miles from Linden, committed suicide by hanging himself with a rope. The facts as given the Argus News by C.M. Fraley, a neighbor, are as follows: "I found Mr. Slavins hanging by a rope, with his feet almost touching the ground, in the Oakland school house yard at 10 o'clock this morning. I think he must have been dead about a half hour when I found him. He had driven into the yard, in his wagon, and having tied the rope to a limb jumped out of the wagon. He was a married man, sixty five years old, and was given to moody spells."

Crawfordsville (Indiana) Daily Argus News, May 27, 1889.