James J. Slevin, Oldtime Tammany Politician, Dead.

Famous in Days of John Kelly and Richard Croker, He Retired from Public Life After Serving as Register of New York County Years Ago.

James J. Slevin. seventy-nine years old, of No. 211 West ??? street, a well known oldtime Tammany Hall politician and leader, is dead at his home, following an illness of less than an hour. Slevin, famous in the days of John Kelly and Richard Croker. was a leader of the old school of politics. He complained to his wife Catherin that he did not feel well, and almost immediately sank into unconsciousness, from which he did not revive. A physician reached the house shortly after death.

When a young man Slevin became the leader of the Third Assembly district, and from Fourteenth street down to the Battery was known to everyone. He became a great friend of John Fox and keenly felt Mr. Fox's death recently.

He made a success of politics, serving in the Assembly several times and then becoming an alderman. In 1880 he was elected alderman-at-large, a position that is now equivalent to the president of the Board. In 1883 he was elected Register of New York county, and when his term expired decided to retire from politics, and took charge of the undertaking business left him by his father, Daniel Slevin.

The latter had been in that business for seventy-five years. James J. Slevin continued the business until his death. He was a veteran of the old volunteer firemen and ran with Hose Company No. 9, then situated in Mulberry street.

The politician was known as a man of philanthropic disposition and, at his own expense, buried many of his oldtime followers whose families were destitute. He remarked a few days ago that he keenly felt the published letter of Richard Croker, under whom he served for years, regarding the leadership of Charles F. Murphy.

Heart failure was ascribed as the cause of death. Besides a widow, a brother survives. He is Michael H. Slevin, a lieutenant tn the Fire Department.

New York (New York) Evening Telegram, February 13, 1914.

James J. Slevin.

NEW YORK, Feb. 14.óJames J. Slevin, an old-time member of Tammany Hall, who held a prominent place in the councils of that organization during the days of Richard Croker, died of heart disease yesterday. Mr. Slevin was 79 years old. In 1876 he was elected to the Assembly, but resigned a few months later to become a member of the Board of Aldermen. In 1880 he was elected Alderman-at-large, a position now designated as President of the Board of Aldermen. In 1888 he became Register of New York county, and when his term expired he retired from politics.

Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) Inquirer, February 15, 1914.