Tyrone-- Mr. Joseph Slevin, Church street, Dromore, died, rather suddenly, May 29. He had been in Omagh the day previous to his death, and attended to business. The funeral was one of the largest seen in the district for years, all creeds and classes from the surrounding districts were represented. Father Maguire referred in touching language to the excellent qualities of the deceased. The coffin was borne to the church, Dromore, where the Rev. Father Maguire officiated. The chief mourners were: Mrs. Bernard McGrath, aunt; Mrs. Monaghan, Mr. F. Baxter, Mr. J. Baxter, Miss Minnie Baxter, Mrs. Jennie Baxter, Mr. Michael McGrath, Mr. Thomas McGrath, Mr. Patrick McGrath, and Mr. Campbell, cousins. In politics her was an arden Nationalist. In the Land League days, when Dromore played a prominent part in the great struggle for emancipation of the people, he was in the van of the fight, urging the people to victory. He lived to see very substantial benefits enjoyed by his countrymen. In the early eighties he fought for a seat at the Omagh Board of Guardians on three occasions against one of the most influential landlords in Tyrone, and in the end unseated his opponent. The election was fought under a system of plural voting in which one landlord could cast thirty-six votes for himself.

Irish World (New York, New York), June 25, 1904.