Mrs. Henry Turner

Mrs. Henry Turner, grandmother of Mr Henry Soaper and Mrs, Waller Rodes, of this county, passed away Monday morning at her home in Henderson, aged 89 years. Mrs. Turner was a native of Harrodsburg and was formerly Miss Lucinda Slavin, daughter of Dr. Slavin, and was born in the house now owned by Mr. and Mrs. J. Hal Grimes, on Main and Broadway. She lived here until her marriage to Mr. Turner, and then went to Henderson to reside. She was a remarkable woman for her advanced years as she retained all her facilities, kept up her French, and took a lively interest in everything happening in the world today, as well as keeping in touch with her friends and holding an especial love for the companionship of young people. Several months ago she fell and sustained a broken hip and since then had been partially paralyzed. Mr. Soaper went to Henderson to attend the funeral. Her husband died many years ago, but she is survived by two daughters.

Harrodsburg (Kentucky) Herald, Friday, Nov 23, 1917